ERC, Advanced Grant 2014, begun on 1.12.2015.
Host Institution: Dipartimento di Scienze Giuridiche, Università di Roma 'La Sapienza', Italy


1. The Idea

The goal the project intends to reach is to create the basis – in texts and interpretation - for a new approach to the remains of the ancient Roman jurists.

What we suggest is an up-to-date paradigm in considering the most important part of Roman law: the Justinian Digesta, and other juridical Late antique anthologies. A change of perspective of great impact not only for the scholars in Antiquity, but also for an educated audience, interested in law and history - an historiographic model that will overturn current outlooks, making way for a renovating view, useful both for legal and historical studies. No more the institutes, the norms and the rules of Roman Law – in the misleading form of the Code - but the effective legal thinking of ancient authors, the iuris prudentes. Our aim is to focus the attention on their thought in the context of the time they belonged to.

The achievement of the objective will be carried out through a reconstruction, and annotated edition, in several volumes, of the writings of jurists handed down in the Digesta and in other anthologies: an undertaking that has never been attempted. We will proceed by author and by work. A collection, entitled Scriptores iuris Romani will gather the reconstructed texts. Each volume will consist of four parts: 'Introduction', dedicated to the jurist considered and to his work(s); 'Fragmenta' and 'Testimonia' (in Latin or Greek); 'Italian translation'; 'commentary'). This edition will be progressive and will cover the entire period of the project (five years).

With regard to the choice of jurists to be edited, we will proceed by dealing with multiple authors and types of texts.

The Principal Investigator is Aldo Schiavone.

The Senior Staff is composed by: Oliviero Diliberto, Andrea Di Porto, Valerio Marotta, Fara Nasti, Emanuele Stolfi.

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